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About Laudium Disaster Management

The Laudium Disaster Management team is a volunteer unit open to all residents of WARD 61 that operates under the City of Tshwane to assist residents in the time of emergencies (such as fire, natural disasters (wind storms etc ) or during community events (fire safety / road traffic management / first aid).
The team recently mobilised and initiated the water delivery program during the Water Crisis in Laudium and surrounds see video below, the unit also assists residents with certain service delivery issues, as we have a close working relationship with various utility providers at the City of Tshwane. (Namely Electricity, Water and Sanitation and Roads)
Events that we have assisted with over the past few months:
 Local Fun Runs (Esquire) , and Walks (political and other)
 The Urs held at the Stadium
 Annual Tamil Federation Eisteddfod
 Various other religious and non-religious community events (bazaars, fetes etc)
 Our volunteers also assist with traffic management at accident scenes, funerals and events.
We have also assisted the various emergency services by assessing and providing feedback to any emergencies in the area.
The aim of this unit is to provide Traffic Control and basic fire safety at community events in terms of the Safety of Sports and Recreational Events Act, 2010 (Act 2 of (2010),